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The Urgent Need

While areas in East Asia have experienced rapid economic development in the past decades, there is an ongoing need to improve early childhood education for vulnerable children living in low-resource settings. Across East Asia, specifically in China and its territories, the number of children remaining in institutions is incalculable. Children who are over the age of 14, are ineligible for international adoption and remain under the care of caregivers in welfare institutions. Unfortunately, in some areas like Hong Kong S.A.R, India, China, and Taiwan, ROC, the quality of children's homes is below standards, leaving these children more vulnerable. The following organizations are supporting the development of such children, so we encourage you to visit their web pages to learn more about how you can help.

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Our Story

This initiative, Rediscovering Origins, recognizes the value in all children. This effort originated from the need for a CAS Project, standing for creativity, activity, and service, which is a requirement for the International Baccalaureate program. The founder, Anya Riney-Niewiadomski, was adopted from mainland China when she was 9 months old. So, she wanted to highlight the need for support in South and East Asia for her CAS Project.

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OneSky for all children is a globally recognized nonprofit commented to unlocking the potential hidden in the world's vulnerable children. OneSky was founded in 1998 to improve the lives of children in China's welfare institutions. In 2011, China's Ministry of Civil Affairs and OneSky launched a groundbreaking partnership to train every child welfare worker in the country. Recognizing that the needs of young children are universal, OneSky has expanded programs to train caregivers of children in various low-resources settings across Asia - from community centers in China's rural villages to childcare in Vietnam's industrial zones to home environments to Mongolia's urban informal settlements.


Hong Kong

Mother's Choice

Mother's Choice is a temporary home for newborns and children who are waiting to be taken to their forever home or be reconnected with their families. It was founded in 1986 because a group of people identified the need to support pregnant teenage girls, so they started Mother's Choice. To this day Mother's Choice has continued its childcare services and assistance for teenage mothers.



Keaton's Angel Homes

Keaton's Angel Homes has children's homes in Taitung, Taiwan, and India which they run and financially support. Their goal is to create a loving home for less privileged children and children with special needs. They provide them with education, nourishment, and proper medical support. Also, Keaton's Angel Homes care for children with terminal illnesses, offering them nurses and a loving environment.

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