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Anya's Story

 I was born on July 6th, 2005 in Fuling, China, and that same day my birth parents decided to leave me at the Fuling orphanage. This was common at the time for newborn girls, due to China's one-child policy. Throughout my life, I have questioned my existence, but my adoptive parents were able to shower me with love and warmth. There are still so many children still in orphanages and temporary homes around the world and most prominently in South and East Asia who are yearning for a loving family. My goal for this CAS project is to be able to reach these children during their most vulnerable time in life, provide them with affection, and resources, and ultimately giving them hope. 

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The photo that is highlighted was my photo posted in the Chong Qing newspaper where newly orphaned children are posted before they are put up for official adoption. My temporary name in the orphanage was Fu, Baoya; "Fu" represented Fuling, "Bao" was my group's name, and "ya" was my personal name. At the orphanage, I was called Yaya, and some of my family members still call me that. The purpose of the newspaper listing is to allow birth parents and other family members to reconsider.  This newspaper posting is in accordance with Chinese law before a child can be free for adoption.


First Look

This was a photo that the Fuling Orphanage sent my adoptive parents during the application process. At the orphanage, I was close with most of my nannies and made a friend, whom I am still in touch with today because she too got adopted during the same time as me.

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New Beginning

On Mothers Day in 2006, Jean Riney-Niewiadomski became a mother and I gained one. To this day I am the best Mothers Day present she has ever received, allowing her to now celebrate the holiday in her honor.

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Splish, Splash

When we were still in Fuling my parents soon learned that I was a very sick child. The only thing that calmed me was water, so every chance we could we spent time in the hotel's pool. Only when we arrived in the United States did they realize that I had ear infections and pneumonia. Water is something that still comforts me to this day.


Growing Up

The loving environment that I have grown up in has allowed me to become who I am. I am always going to be connected to my heritage I feel that I am in a fortunate position to do so, so I want to give back to my community.

Anya's Story: Meet the Team
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